Tewa caters for very poor women and girls who cannot afford the already subsidized school fees.

Each student pays only 10% of the required school fees. Nurisha Trust and Kianda Foundation invite you to contribute towards the dream of so many women and girls for a better future. They can make it - help them on their journey!


You may be involved in providing scholarship by selecting either of the following options:

Offer full scholarship to one or more student(s).

Offer partial scholarship to one or more student(s).


You could collaborate by purchasing the cookery ingredients:

    - For a week or

   - For a month or

   - For a year.

Participate in our income generating projects

In the effort of making the institution self- sustaining, the management decided to venture into a number of income generating projects. The proceeds from the activities go towards the students’ scholarships and the running expenses of the institution. Some of the projects are:

-  Sale of Agricultural products.

- Sewing products.

- Outside Catering Services.

offer employment

Offer internship opportunities for the girls ( December – March)

Outsourcing for casual workers for functions ( both weekends and weekdays)

Employ the girls on a permanent basis


Offer technical and human resource contributions.

Tewa Training Centre heavily relies on funding and other forms of support from local and international donors. Some of the partners are:

RODE Foundation

Tewa Hospitality Traning Centre | Empowering Women in Kilifi through education.