Success Story

After her graduation from Tewa in 2013, Ms Mwambire opened a cake shop. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I will one day operate a shop and make my own money,” says the 44-year-old mother of three who dropped out of school in class four.

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The 2 Years Hospitality Course admits new students every month of May while the 1 year Skills Course admits new student every January.

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We are located in a serene environment that is convinient for learning.

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ongoing now

Tewa Admission Intake

The intake of the classes begining in January and in May 2018 is ongoing now. Those who are interested to join the course need to make an application for admission into the training. Those who qualify for the course will be invited for an interview. On passing the first part of the interview, the qualifying students will be required to do some practical Inservice training of a few weeks in Tewa.

Recent events

Social Work at Papa Moroy

Every so often tewa organises Social Work Projects as a way of sensitizing the students on their social responsibility and their concern for people around them.

photo Gallery

A collection of photos of the College and College activities.

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UPcoming activities

Graduation Ceremony

This  annual event takes place every year in the month of March .

All the students who will have successfully completed their training in all the 3 programs will grace the event.

We also recognize outstanding graduates in different aspects.


Tewa Hospitality Traning Centre | Empowering Women in Kilifi through education.